Monday, February 1, 2010

Expectations for learning and outcomes from Colloquium

I have very few expectations from Colloquium. It's not because i don't respect what we are learning, but most of it I have already become familiar with. I took Environmental Bio. of SW FL. as well as Marine Systems during my Freshman year, and it seems that this class is an advanced form of them... with more writing. I do expect to take from this class the diversity of other people's views. While i think this class is trying to indoctrinating us students towards a particular view, I do believe it is somewhat warranted. The surrounding area of Southwest Florida is a fragile ecosystem and is deteriorating because of the economic growth of this area. Appreciation of nature comes through knowledge and experience of nature itself. The more people aware of the animals and plants, and rivers and estuaries, and the importance of each into the entirety of the ecosystem, the better. If more people were aware of what it means to the area as a whole when you wipe out entire ecosystems that have been around for hundreds, even thousands of years, they would understand the lasting ripple effect of this ignorance towards the environment. Overall, I plan to strengthen my view about nature, and take a greater appreciation to all that Southwest Florida has to offer.

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