Sunday, April 4, 2010

Climate Change Is Not An Issue

According to an article at, ( NASA's top official, Michael Griffin, has claimed it is "arrogant" to consider global warming a problem that needs to be tackeled. While Griffin recognizes the trend of global warming, he cites that we don't know that the current level of Earth's climate is the optimal climate. He also states that it is NASA's responsibility to collect, analyze and release information about climate change and to say that we are 100% certain that this climate change is a threat to mankind, "indicates a complete ignorance of understanding the implications of climate change." I believe that this is a credible argument. He is a credible source being the top administrator from NASA, but also could be swayed by the government. It's not too far fetched that the government (the source of the funds for NASA) had something to do with his interview and statement regarding global warming. This was published in 2007 during George W. Bush's term, and it is widely known that he tried to conceal the belief of global climate change, citing that it was a Liberal issue. While Griffin is correct in saying we aren't sure if these current climate levels are the optimal levels, global climate change isn't just about temperatures and arctic ice caps. One can clearly see the negative-relationships with the depletion of trees, overfishing, and pollution in rivers and our drinking source, and the effects they have on the residents of Planet Earth.

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