Sunday, April 25, 2010

David Orr > Marjory Stone Douglas

Instead of writing about MJD, I decided to write about Orr's essays in that they were far more interesting and current than MJD's articles about the everglades. The main thing I liked about Orr's articles was his take on "Biophilia." It was cool to note that I, in fact, am a Biophiliac. Orr states that what we call "modernization represented dramatic changes in how we regard the natural world and our role in it." It is suffice to say that with economics acting as the driving force of this modernization, people can easily get lost in the fact that a greener world might not be directly related to a greener wallet. The biophobiacs out there, such as Woody Allen, are free-riding there way to a two degree temperature rise, and represent the bigger problem because Biophobia, according to Orr, is the foundation for a politics of domination and exploitation. Also, I'm a big Orwell guy, and Orr recollects Orwell's words on how the placement of nature and human nature by technology and the replacement of real democracy by a technological tyranny is now looming on the horizon. Look at how Obama won the election; Facebook. Not comparing Obame to a tyrant, but the implementation of technology is becoming prevelant in politics, and it is only a matter of time until this "Biophiliac Revolution" turns into a Coup.

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