Sunday, April 25, 2010

Debriefing Part 1

The colloquium class has once again opened my eyes to not only the global climate change problem, but to the beauties that lie not only in SW Florida, but all over the world. The interrelatedness of everything was what fascinated me most. For example, how a drought in Africa, which leads to a severe dust storm, which consequently leads to a higher ashtma rate in the Caribbean was flat-out scary. The experiences through Colloquium was key to perk interest. Ding Darling was awesome, and it was a shame the 40-year-old Croc crocked out the day after we visited. ECHO was intriguing to know that you can feed the poorest of people by educating them on how to make due with regular thrown away objects such as tires and Duck Droppings. Finally, the downtown restoration project/field trip was definitely what kept me coming back for me. To think we have the potential to reshape downtown Ft. Myers (even though it is unlikely they will chose our solar powered yacht club) was a much funner project than a term paper or lame group powerpoint that is totally irrelevant to the outside world. Overall, this class exceeded my expectations and was not just a blow off class, rather a "keep an open mind" class.

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