Sunday, April 25, 2010

Debriefing Part 2

The high points as I mentioned in "Debriefing Part 1" were the field trips and the interactions our class had with the field trips. I believe learning about a Progressive Education and then directly applying it is something that opens your eyes about education and the way it can be tought given the right circumstance. Some things that I found difficult was the movies. I know its expected to do the readings and watch the videos (which i did) but they are very preachy. It's Glen Beck-esque if he were to take a Xanex and calm down for an hour at a time. I like Ed Norton, I like Brad Pitt (Fight Club is my favorite movie) but they did preach to the quire. I agree with the fact that global climate change is a serious subject, and I respect the way that you (Muldoon) did not in any way get political while explaining it. From what I've heard, the other teachers take the "preachy approach," and I would have gotten into a few teacher-pupil debates if it wasnt for your refrained approach. I enjoyed how you let us decide if the information being portrayed was serious or not. Everything we learned is relevant to the global climate change issue, and again, I respect that you let us students have an open mind and not try to sway our decisions one way or the other. DOUBLE THUMBS UP!

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