Sunday, April 25, 2010

DVD E2 -- Deeper Shades of Green

The three key people in this episode -- Ken Yeang, Werner Sobeck and William McDonogh -- are innovators for the fight on environmental sustainability. The building they portray are honestly "building of the future." The Tropical Building was fascinating in the fact that wind actually comes through the building and can either pass through or pass up. The craziest part of this video was how one environmentalist called plastic bottles "idiotic." He explained how the entire design of a plastic bottle is slightly toxic, and while it doesnt affect the toxicity of drinking water, it affects the environment when it is broken down while being littered. It was also interesting to see how the architecture of tomorrow will lead to a better harmony with nature, if done correctly. The R129 prototype blew my mind. It was explained how it could be put anywhere... from a field of grain to an artic ice cap. All in all, the limitations for tomorrow are unlimited. Research and development is continually being improved and with a total global effort, these improvements can and will lead to a better tomorrow.

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