Sunday, April 25, 2010

DVD E2 -- Green Machine

The Green Machine, which Chicago became to be known, is known as the place who invented the skyscraper and laboratory for green architecture. It was very interesting to see how the mayor enforces the idea that Chicago is the greenest city in America. As the third largest city in the US, there are tons of resources being bought and sold and it's sheer brilliance how the mayor did many sustainable things such as "greening" the City Hall building. By doing so, the Mayor established the relationship between the people who live there and the environment they live in. The Mayors "progressive" ideals are leading the way for not only the city of Chicago, but a lesson that all of the major cities should turn to. It saves money in the long-run by improving efficiency in numerous amounts of categories and is not only eco-friendly, but its aesthetically pleasing as well.

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