Sunday, April 4, 2010

Favorite Place On Campus

I believe my favorite place on the FGCU campus is the North Lake Village Waterfront. They really went out of their way to have an attractive beach front for their dorm rooms. Not only is it an aesthetic treat to walk out of your dorm to a beautiful lake and tiki hut, they offer canoes and sail boats to all students. I have went canoeing on the lake and have sailed from coast to coast, and can say that I am proud to go to FGCU...What school has a beach at it? Or encourages skiing and wakeboarding and a giant water-trampoline? The lengths this school goes through to not only improve the student's life, but the surrounding environment as well, shows that they do in fact care about the future. Besides the beach front, the FGCU Nature Trail is up there on my favorite-list. They have many trails that go from North Lake village all the way to South Lake Village, and it is a real stress reliever -- as well as a good source for community service hours -- to walk the trails and even clean them up so that people behind you can continue to enjoy what our unique school has to offer.

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