Sunday, April 25, 2010

Food, Inc

Meat, Chicken and Pork. Pork Chicken and Meat. Ding, Dang, Dong. I could eat one for breakfast, one for lunch and the other for dinner 365 days of the year if it was possible and healthy enough to do so. Yet the way the meat-packers go about getting this food to our stomach is anything but eco-friendly. They brutalize em, feed em pesti's, take em out back and "off with their heads." Second,Corn and Soy beans are the devil. They look sweet, but are coated with evil. Every kernal has been sprayed with god knows what, and each soy bean has had its fair share of spray; obviously unethical and unsustainable. Finally, the major food companies are a farse! Food is cheap, cheap is good, poison is bad! Petroleum-based chemicals -- those which we use with ease -- slowly but surely contaminate our food, the soil our food comes from, all the way to the water than soaks into the soil which is contaminated. It's a viscious cycle, one which is combined with the worst food-habits that are openly promoted by Big Business's in America to keep the economy (ORR!) going at a good pace, even though its scientifically proven that eating fast-food makes you fat, increases heart disease and promotes a very unhealthy diet. (So do cigarettes)

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