Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to reduce my reliance on energy and promote conservation

Many things I do should be changed to promote conservation. There are many steps I could take to reduce my reliance on energy. Yet, it's hard to imagine any of these things because of the world we live in, per say. Some things I could do would be to buy a bike and bike anywhere that is deemed in biking distance. This would not only promote conservation but save me some $$$ in gas. I could also set my home thermostat so that it turns off during the time of day when I am not home. This would reduce the AC bill as well as save tons of energy that didn't needed to be used in the first place. On top of all this, the hardest, yet easiest, thing I could do to reduce my reliance on energy is to turn off the lights. It sounds easier than it is, but by remembering to turn off every light in the house before I leave, as well as unplug any appliances such as the Foreman and Toaster, can greatly reduce my energy output and make my home a greener home. As i look around my house, I see the porch light on, the TV screen frozen due to a pause in the DVR, the dryer still going at 12a.m. four different ceiling lights on, my bathroom light, my bedroom light, a black light, my closet light and the garage light all sitting there on for some unknown reason. The first step to reducing my reliance on energy is to recognize my problems. All of aforementioned have been turned off -- minus the blacklight, whose dim light provides a superb sleeping experience -- and I have already won the war against global climate change in my house.

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