Sunday, April 25, 2010

India and China Leading the Way

One important thing that I have learned about China during my time in Colloquium is that they have already surpassed the U.S. in emissions of fossil fuels. Becuase of the booming population in China, they have gone far and beyond what people expected of a Communist country, and have made it known that any future infrastructure shall be completed with low-energy, high-efficiency and low-emission in mind. India is a fascinating story as well. In roughly 40 years, India's poverty rate has dropped from 60% to around 30%. This can be linked to the industrilization of their country as well as the abundance of physical and human resources. They now have water governances to protect their citizens from extremely-polluted water. The most fascinating part of developing countries is how they become developed. In most cases, they wipe out their natural resources and use them to develop trade-agreements with other countries. While this is beneficial to them, they lack the necessary education on how to replenish the resources they destroy (such as the deforestation in poor Southern American countries) and they are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and will do anything to improve the conditions for their own sake as well as their countries sake.

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