Sunday, April 4, 2010

My "Sense and Place"

My sense and place of the global climate change issue is simple. While I believe it is infact a tragedy that numerous amounts of life on this planet is going extinct, and that with every species that gets wiped out due to human ignorance, we lose a treasure that this planet wanted us to have, I also believe that it isn't a big of issue as some make it seem. While the population is increasing at alarming rates, and resources dwindling, i believe the Darwinism concept of "survival of the fittest" will come into play in the near future. Soon, these poor countries in which uneducated people reproduce at rapidity with no concern of the other people of Earth, they will eventually become a piece of history. India, Africa, China and all the other rapid growth countries all suffer from a great deal of poverty. Once the tipping point occurs, the population will see a decline. Whether its communism in China or HIV in Africa, something will lead to a decrease in population once resources become only available to those who can afford them. Yes, this means that Africa will see its population of animals probably become wiped out completely, because they will have no other way to survive. And while they will rob the rest of the world of cheetahs, elephant tusks and hippo's they will inevitably be the cause of their own destruction.

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